How many Self Hosted Apps do you Run?

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I am running 21 containers on my main server.

29 apps on three homelab servers

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I am currently running 15 self-hosted apps on a 4GB VPS. This then is connected through tailscale to my homelab which runs approx 10 self-hosted apps.

TBH business related: ITFlow (god tier for MSPs), Leantime, Traggo. Using Traefik to manage containers proxies, TCP/UDP routing, Authelia MFA, everything through a tailscale net and individual public URLs.

I host my own email alias creation tool using to M365. Then monitor through uptime-kuma to pushover / gotify.

Awesome! Any favorites?

ITFlow sounds interesting! Is there a docker image, or perhaps a source code repo? A website would do just fine too.

I curently run 33 on my various computers.

The highlights are the arr media stack, vikunja, joplin, nginx proxy manager, baby buddy, and uptime kuma to monitor it all.

I'm always looking for more things to try out in the ever evolving quest to get off of the cloud.

If you love to code, consider selfhosting an instance of wakapi!

Oh, that looks cool. I wouldn't call myself a coder, but I would like to learn how to build "simple" web apps.

What language do you code in? Would be happy to give you some recommendations!

14 containers for now but plan to grow a lot more

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Thanks for clarifying. For some reason i read that as Rust not Rank 🤪

Currently running 31 on my servers.

Running vaultwarden, servas, vsc, two of my own OSS apps, and more!
I contribute to quite a few app panels, so most of my stuff is usually for testing.
However, on a daily basis, I'll use easyshortner, anonupload, vsc server, servas, plausible, and chatwoot.

People are incredibly talented. Happy to use, and contribute to such awesome projects!

Count does NOT include databases